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    Management Board

    Prof. Dr. Eiko Räkers

    Prof. Dr. Eiko Räkers is the chairman of the DMT management board and responsible for the divisions Exploration & Geosurvey, Geo Enineering, Cokemaking Technology and International Mining Consulting.
    After obtaining a degree in geophysics in Karlsruhe he completed his doctorate at the Ruhr University Bochum and received an honorary professorship at the RWTH Aachen University in June 2008. Since 1990 Eiko Räkers has held a management position at DMT and, amongst others, was responsible for the Exploration & Geosurvey business unit. Eiko Räkers has been a member of the DMT management board since January 2009 and the chairman since April 2014. 

    Ulrich Pröpper

    Ulrich Pröpper has been a member of the DMT management board and HR board director since April 2014. He is responsible for the divisions Building Safety and Industry Systems.

    Pröpper started his career at Ruhrkohle AG before joining DMT in 1990. From then on he has held a managerial position in the company, most recently as Head of Human Resources. Pröpper is also a board member of the Czech subsidiary DMT Geosurvey spol. s r.o.