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    Machine Monitoring

    The technique of carrying out machinery maintenance based on Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) is a generally automatic setup that is being increasingly used in industry.

    A well structured condition monitoring programme minimises the maintenance costs because faults can be detected before they become serious, subsequent damage can be avoided and any work to be carried out can be more reliably planned as regards organisation and logistics. Plant availability is increased due to the avoidance of unscheduled outages and moreover operating safety is improved.

    DMT offers complete solutions in this sector:

    • Special measurement hardware
    • Modern database and web-based software
    • Installation and putting into operation, including the engineering work for designing the monitoring tasks

    If required we can perform the entire supervision throughout operations or train your staff in looking after the system.

    DMT has more than two decades experience in developing and applying Condition Monitoring Systems. The DMT-ZUMWART online system for instance has been used for years in large-scale applications with more than 100 monitored machines such as in the petrochemical industry.

    The latest setup is the XSafe System, which can be adapted to each specific application for which it is required. XSafe systems have been used up to now in:

    • Mining (MineSafe®)
    • Power plants, petrochemical industry, metal production (PlantSafe®)
    • Oil and gas industry (RigSafe®)
    • Wind power (WindSafe®)

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